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Vegan Mayo recipe


You can tailor this vegan mayo recipe to your needs. If you add less water and lemon/vinegar, you will get a creamy pate, and if you want to make a fine velvety sauce for salad, that is, mayonnaise, just add more water and a little more spice

vegan mayo recipe2/3 cup of Indian nuts, soaked
 lemon juice or apple vinegar
 salt, pepper
 2 cloves of garlic
 a little of the dijon mustard (optional)
 olive oil
 water as needed


Soak the cashews in the water overnight. Drain water and put the nuts in a high-speed blender and add spices and oil. Start mixing and add as much water as needed to get spread or mayonnaise. If you do not have nuts, you can use soaked sunflower seeds or soaked almonds, which will have a slightly less creamy structure than those with cashews.

This great, tasty vegan mayo is much healthier than oil-based factory-made mayo. You will wish to spread it on everything! It’s non-GMO, low-fat, with no stabilizers, canola, trans-fats, or sugar. And it tastes fabulous. Cashews create a great smooth base for mayonnaise. And cashews are low in fat compared to other nuts.

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