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What is Matcha

Matcha is the Japanese premium powdered green tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. After having enjoyed a hot matcha drinks in cooler days, there comes a time for a little refreshment. The entire gastro world is crazy for matcha powder and, besides for drinks, it is used as an indispensable ingredient in sweet and salty meals. And also for the ice cream, you’ll find here a matcha ice cream recipe

One cup of green matcha tea accelerates metabolism and stimulates calories burning. Many studies have shown that it has an effect on free radicals in the body. That’s why, over the last few years, recipes with matcha powder overwhelmed the internet – from fine muffins, brownies, matcha soup, noodles, smoothies to ice creams you meet today. Before serving, you can sprinkle crushed grains of cocoa or pieces of dark chocolate.

Matcha Ice cream recipe

matcha ice cream recipeType of meal
Snack – Sweet dish
Preparation time

Very easy to prepare
3 ripe bananas

1 tablespoon of matcha powder

3 tablespoons coconut milk (dense part)


1. Chop the ripe bananas and leave them in the freezer overnight.

2. Put the matcha powder and the coconut drink in the pan and stir well.

3. Put the obtained matcha paste into the blender together with frozen bananas.

4. When you get a thick mixture, serve and enjoy.

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