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Let’s talk about raw food a little bit. Especially about weight loss smoothie recipes. More people are looking for ways to include raw food in their lives but to different extents. People prefer food that’s easy to make, simple and tasty, and this is exactly when we are talking about green smoothies. Everyone, no matter how much raw food one chooses to eat, can make green smoothies. They are quick to make, filling, and taste good. And above all, you get more energy and become slimmer and happier!

Greens make your body more alkaline. Acidification of the body is unfortunately a result of the standard modern diet. A diet containing alkaline is necessary in order for the body to feel as good as possible. Your digestive system gets more rest than it would by eating regular food because the blender grinds the food. Your digestive system uses the most amount of energy of all the processes in the body, so when we facilitate the digestion, it automatically leaves more energy for other things. Green smoothies can help you reach your natural weight and stay there. Green smoothies are great; you won’t have to go around being hungry, and you’ll easily accomplish a feeling of satisfaction in a way you might not have had before. When we lose some weight, our bodies feel lighter and we automatically become happier because we are evolving into the people we want to be. Green smoothies can help you get rid of cellulite, get a flatter stomach, stronger nails, and shinier hair. Also, your breath will become fresher and you will smell bright and lovely. Because it helps your skin to “tighten” and become smoother and more even, green smoothies can also make you look younger.

Here is one weight loss smoothie recipe:

Chocolate-Cherry Green Smoothie

1 large banana, peeledJuice and smoothie recipes

2 cups pitted cherries

1 tablespoon cacao powder

1 medium head escarole lettuce

6 ounces of water.



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