Detox smoothie recipes, raw food weight loss diet plan

Green juice detox, raw food diet

When you are starting, eating a typical raw food breakfast of a large meal of seasonal fresh fruit or a smoothie may not fill you up completely until your body adjusts to eating lighter. For the one who starts, the best is to prepare a raw pre-breakfast, which is what you would eat right when you get out of bed. If you are hungry again in a few hours you could eat something raw such as a smoothie or large fruit salad or you could just prepare what you would typically eat for breakfast. Or you could just drink a glass of warm water when you get out of bed and then wait to eat until your body is hungry. Or you can just start the day with green juice detox.

It is good to start the day with a cleansing green drink because of all the alkaline minerals found in leafy greens. When you wake up you literally have been fasting for 8-10 hours so it’s good to flush out the system with high water content fruits, a green smoothie, or a green juice detox. Here are some great morning recipes.

Green juice detox

5 ribs celery
1 large English cucumber
1/2 lime
2 large handfuls of spinach (wash thoroughly)
Put all the ingredients through a juicer. If you don’t have a juicer an alternative would be to chop the cucumber and celery and place it in a blender (cucumber first) with spinach and peeled lime. Blend on high for about 30 seconds and then pour and squeeze the mixture through a sprout bag over a big bowl. The sprout bag will strain out all the pulp and leave you with a smooth and silky juice. Pour the juice back into the blender carafe and then pour into a glass. Sprout bags are relatively inexpensive and have a variety of uses.


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