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Raw food benefits

raw food benefitsRaw food diet is a vegan diet that is not thermally processed above 45 degrees and is based on raw fruit and vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, fresh flowers and edible wild herbs. Preparation of raw food is used by mixing, squeezing, marinating, fermenting, spraying and dehydrating to preserve the enzyme activity in foods. So what are the raw food benefits?

People who love the raw food diet claim that this kind of diet is a superfood prepared from biodynamically grown foods. Which is designed so as not to destroy nutritive value by cooking.

The theory of this diet is based on the theory that foods should not be exposed to temperatures above 45 ° C because it is then impossible to preserve enzymes that will allow the best absorption and utilization of nutrients that the food offers.

Despite the prejudice, the raw food is super-delicious

I first met the books of Dr. Walker, who was a pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing and nutritional health. For each problem, he had one combination of juice. He has achieved great success in such an approach. And he lived himself a very long and productive life (some say 99, and some say 116years). 

When I started eating raw food, within ten days I felt a number of improvements. Better and healthier sleep, weight loss and increased energy and generally better physical and mental condition.

You can start every day with a green smoothie, consisting of various types of fruits and a fistful of green leafy vegetables.

This diet is a fantastic prevention. I know that it is difficult for people to change the habits they have adopted since early childhood. But if you add only a little bit of raw food to the menu, then you would see the positive effects and benefits that it brings.

And the same warnings that apply to vegetarians applies also to the consumers of raw food

Raw food is generally characterized as absolutely good. As long as people adhere to the general principles and are educated enough about such a diet. Food that is not thermally processed has more vitamins and minerals.

Raw food absolutely has the advantages and needs to be supported. It is only important for people to go through education rather than relying on marketing tricks after some story of how someone beat the illness with raw food. Raw food can be dangerous too. If someone starts fast and unprepared with raw food diet. And the trend of raw food in the long term cannot be detrimental.

You need to know the needs of your body. How much protein and minerals you need and where you will get them. Only when you know it, then you can manipulate different diets. Raw food benefits are really exceptional.

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