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How to get vitamin C

As we understand by now the Ascorbic acid is not the same as vitamin C. It is like the “wrapper” that the full live vitamin C complex comes in. Vitamin C is damaged by heat because it contains an enzyme. Ascorbic acid has been entirely misnamed, as the word ‘ascorbic’ itself means anti-scurvy. However, studies have shown that the ascorbic acid itself can not do anything to help or prevent scurvy. Just fresh vitamin C does this. In fact, synthetic ascorbic acid can even be harmful! So how to get vitamin C?

Are the Oranges the best source of vitamin C? Nope!

how to get vitamin c oranges and kiwi

Per calorie, kiwi and bell peppers have much more vitamin C than oranges.
It’s true that oranges have plenty of vitamin C as compared to bananas and apples.
However, oranges are created the poster-child for vitamin C by the parents marketing pasteurized fruit juice. Change of state destroys half the vitamin C content, therefore pasteurized orange juice often does not contain as much vitamin C as claimed.

What is the optimum mode to get enough vitamin C in your diet?
Fresh fruits and vegetables typically contain high vitamin C levels. Not all fruits and vegetables do, but most do. Next is a list of some other ways to get seventy-five mg of vitamin C. (Which is claimed to be the minimum quantity required daily).

Your daily need (75mg) and the percentage you will get with these combinations.

how to get vitamin c








Vitamin C Supplementation

You can get Vitamin C in supplement form – the real Vitamin C, but you have to be very careful about your sources. My choice is Doctor’s Best Vitamin C, you can see and read about it here.

Why take Vitamin C supplements if food is the best source?
That is the question, to be sure. There are several possible reasons for taking a vitamin C supplement even though the food is the best source:
When you have a cold, virus or infection and want to overcome it faster.
If you are currently doing a detox, water-fast or other special limited diets.
When you are not as healthy as you used to be and despite a great diet, you need an extra lift.
If you don’t like any of the foods mentioned above or similar foods and don’t eat them.
If any of the above apply to you or will apply to you in the future, then I highly recommend getting a quality vitamin C supplement, such as the one I mentioned.

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