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Are you aware that sugar is one of the biggest enemies of the organism? And we often consume it that we are not aware of it either. The most dangerous are the hidden sugars found in the food we eat daily. Food such as processed cereals, carbonated drinks, sauces, fruit yogurts and the like.

Adults should consume up to six teaspoons of sugar per day (25 grams) if they want to avoid many health problems. And so much of it is found in a glass of 250 milliliters of boiled juice.

The best would be if refined sugar would not be used at all. And here’s what would happen to your body then.

If you stop eating sugar

You will sleep better. – It triggers the release of cortisone hormone that hampers sleep. If you take it out from the diet, you will not feel tired by the day. And in the evening you will have a firmer and better sleep.

You would Improve heart health.  White sugar increases blood glucose levels, resulting in increased blood pressure and speed up the heartbeat. When you would not consume it for several weeks, bad cholesterol would decrease by 10 percent and triglycerides by 20 to 30 percent.

Your skin would be cleaner.  Because it affects the formation of acne and pimple and stimulates the inflammatory processes of the skin. The research has shown that people who have been drinking a sugar drink for three weeks have increased the chance of inflammation to as much as 87 percent.

You will avoid diabetes.  It is 11 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes if you enter 150 calories through “hidden sugars” compared to the 150 calories you enter through the protein or fat.

You will have a better memory.  One study has shown how sugar affects memory. Over time, too much of it can damage the communication between the brain cells, which leads to worse memory or memories.

You will lose weight.  The calories you have been taking with sugars you will probably replace with healthier foods. But you will still lose your pounds.

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