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Sauerkraut benefits

sauerkraut benefitsCabbage is indeed a “smart head”. Low calorie and super-nutritious vegetable is a unique blend of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, minerals (manganese, selenium, calcium, potassium, magnesium), omega-3 fatty acids and healing sulfuric substances (most famous sulforaphane) which protect against cancer. So what are the sauerkraut benefits?

Cabbage (sauerkraut benefits) is a real boon for immunity and digestion and is also calling antistress vegetables.

For centuries, the healing properties of cabbage are known. Both fresh and acidulated, which is a traditional local delicacy in our regions in the cold days. Great matched with polenta, sausages, beans; it is unavoidable in preparation of the cabbage rolls.

The brine of sauerkraut is recommending as a purifying therapy for the body and as a natural means to relieve the hangover.

The sauerkraut was also found on the list of foods for better sex. If you eat raw sauerkraut twice a day, you will wake up, say, your libido.

More sauerkraut benefits

Clabbering cabbage produces vitamin B12, which is extremely needing by our body for all processes of red blood cell formation and maintenance of optimal levels of iron in the body. Otherwise, vitamin B12 is found exclusively in meat. So acidic cabbage is a valuable vegan and vegetarian food.

Cabbage is traditionally pickling in wooden pots (today’s plastic versions are often using). So that healthy and beautiful cabbage heads are chosen. So they scrubbing and salting according to the principle – the order of cabbage, row of salt. The whole cabbage head for the cabbage rolls can also be placed between the soured cabbage (prepared by removing the center hard part with a sharp knife and the opening filled with salt).

On the top of the shredded cabbage, usually, a patch or gauze is placed, followed by a stone or some other heavy object to squeeze the juice from the cabbage. Thus, the natural process of fermentation of lactic acid is promoted, and the so-called good bacteria – probiotics – play a key role.

When it starts to make juices, for special taste, in sauerkraut you can add apple, melon, blueberries, pepper …

Broom for stomach and intestines (sauerkraut benefits)

Sauerkraut is an excellent source of vitamin C and K, potassium and calcium. Much before scientists discovered vitamin C, seafarers were carrying barrels of sour cabbage on board in order to prevent scurvy.

Sauerkraut is calling a stomach and intestine broom. And it also strengthens the nerves and stimulates the formation of blood cells. The lactic acid bacteria from sauerkraut keep the intestinal flora healthy and thus the overall body immunity (sauerkraut benefits).

In order to preserve nutrients and probiotics, and to make it easier to digest, it is recommending to eat sauerkraut raw, without cooking. If you add it to a dish (eg bean sprouts), do this only at the end of cooking.

In the cleansing process for detoxification of the body, instead of a brunch, you can drink a glass of sour cabbage juice.

As a healing and tasty combination, it is recommending to use sauerkraut salad with olive oil and garlic.

Sauerkraut with fruit? Very tasty idea!

Prepare: 40 g green salads, 1 apple, 100 g fresh pineapple, 1 tangerine, 150 g sour cabbage, 75 g yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon milled cumin, pepper.

Wash the green salad, dry, and put on a plate. Apply the apple, cut into 8 parts, remove the seeds and cut into thin slices. Peel pineapple and slice it into dices. Peel the tangerine and divide it into slices.

Mix the fruit with sour cabbage and place on a plate with green salad. From yogurt, pepper, and sauce, whisk the sauce and pour it on the salad.

Sauerkraut compress

This cleansing coating is recommending for oily skin with extended pores. Heat 200 ml of sauerkraut juice (brine) and soak the gauze with it. Apply a full fist of raw sauerkraut to your face and cover it with the gauze. Let it run for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

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