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Mosquito bites home remedies

mosquito bites home remediesSummer and warm weather are for many people a favorite time of the year. However, this period has a disadvantage, and that is irritating mosquitoes and their bites. We find 11 ways to alleviate the bites of insects and this is completely effective. So how to alleviate mosquito bites? What are mosquito bites home remedies?



Mosquito bites home remedies that helps

It helps in two ways. It reduces swelling and nerve ability to send itching signals to the brain.

Hot wraps
At the place of the bite put a softer wrap or soak bitten place in a hot water. It works like ice, but still opens pores, and toxins that cause itching are easier to ‘leave’. It works best in combination with antihistamines.

Baking soda
It contains an alkaline component that neutralizes the ph balance of the skin. Tapping at the bite site reduces inflammation and itching.

Menthol from toothpaste cools the skin. Apply a little bit to the point of the bite and hold until the paste is completely dry. Then rinse with water.

Aluminum chloride in deodorant will drain moisture and poisons from the bitten site.

Place a damp bag of green or black tea on the irritated part. Itching and swelling will quietly disappear.

As a natural antibiotic, rub a fresh garlic on the bite of mosquitoes. Removes bacteria that cause itching.

Apple vinegar is recommended. Soak a pad in a little vinegar and place it in a place of the bite. After a few minutes, you will feel a lot of relief.

Put a little in place of the bite. Its antimicrobial properties will prevent infection, reduce itching and scratching.

Fresh basil
Rub it into affected areas. A natural compound containing so-called camphor will increase blood flow around the bite and reduce itching.

Aloe vera
The aloe vera gel acts as an effective antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and disinfects the site of the bite.

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