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Bicarbonate soda (baking soda) and pesticides

Do not worry about pesticides on fruit and vegetables, because the Bicarbonate soda (baking soda) wipes them out

bicarbonate soda baking sodaThe formula that all housewives have in their household, baking soda or bicarbonate soda has a countless application, its use in flushing pesticides from fruit is more effective than with plain water, a mild eco-detergent for dishes or a diluted bleach powder.

Washing under water removes only mechanical impurities and a small part of the pesticide, so individuals use a mild dishwashing agent and a brush, then peel the crust that is full of nutrients. Although in that way, fruits and vegetables are much cleaner than only washed with water, this is still not enough to remove pesticide residues. Bicarbonate soda has a very diverse application. You can use it in the kitchen, for the skin care and even for the treatment of certain health problems. Not expensive, and its effectiveness is proven in many studies. In this case, the soda proved to be very effective when removing harmful pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Soda removes pesticides due to its high alkalinity, which breaks down chemical compounds into smaller and more harmless molecules. 

Baking soda

It is advisable to leave the vegetables and fruit to stand in the water to which you have added a spoon of baking soda twenty minutes to half an hour. Even if the vegetables are organic. In this way, you will be sure that no ants, worms or other insects are hiding in them. After submerging, wash the vegetables or fruit well.

You should also wash lemons, oranges, mandarins, watermelons, and other fruits and vegetables whose bark is not for eating. Pesticides and bacteria are easily transmitted by hands and knife, and citrus bark should in no way be added into cakes unless you are completely sure that they come from organic breeding.

Although the amount of pesticide grows year after year. Scientists still claim that the benefits of fruit and vegetables in nutrition significantly outweigh the possible damage to pesticides. With such fruits, it is certainly better to choose organic than traditional breeding to minimize possible damage to health. Then use a recipe with bicarbonate soda and enjoy your favorite fruits of nature.

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