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grow hair fasterSo can you grow hair faster? How to grow hair long? Hair does not grow to everyone at the same speed. While some can not wait for their hair to reach their desired length and seems to be advancing in the snail’s step. To others, hair is growing almost overnight. No matter what type of hair you have, here are some useful tips to make it faster to grow

– Cut your hair more often and your hair will grow faster. Although this advice given to someone who wants to let grow of hair seems somewhat odd, it has been proven that hair is growing much faster if you regular trim it (for example, every 6 weeks) are sprinkled, which encourages her growth. At the same time, you will achieve that your hair looks healthy and beautiful. And you will be spared with the creased peaks.


“How to grow hair faster? If you have decided to let your hair grow, include as many proteins in your daily menu as you can to provide the necessary strength and faster growth”

Hair growth secrets

Grow hair faster

grow hair faster– Water is essential for our body, so for better growth and hair health, we need to get enough water every day. Experts recommend a daily dose of 6-8 glasses of water, pointing out that this amount of fluid will give your hair the necessary strength and ensure its shine and a much healthier appearance.

– Also, Regular hair brushing helps her to look better and to grow faster. However, you should be very careful about brushing your hair while it is still wet, not only you can greatly damage it, but it will not grow at the same speed. So, if you have wet hair, do it with a broad comb to avoid breaking it.

– If you want to strengthen hair growth, eat a lot of protein. And the food we consume has a great influence on our hair. Therefore, if you have decided to let your hair grow. Include as many proteins in your daily menu to provide the necessary strength and faster growth. If you do not consume meat, choose vegetables with a high protein content, and a good source is nuts.

– Daily hair washing is actually her great enemy. So wash your hair every second or third day or once a week (depending on your hair type) so as not to ruin its natural fatty layer that protects her and allows it to grow properly. In those days when you can not wash her, you can refresh her with a dry wash.

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