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The healing power of vegetable foods or green foods is extraordinary. Chlorophyll is a substance that provides green plants their color.
Hemoglobin (red cells) in human blood and chlorophyll (plant blood) are much like. They have similar atoms sorted around an atom of metal.
Merely difference is that the metallic atom in hemoglobin is iron. Whereas in chlorophyll, it is magnesium (thus chlorophyll is an excellent source of magnesium).

green foodsThis may justify why chlorophyll has the ability to build human blood and increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of our blood. Disease-promoting anaerobic bacterium can’t live in the presence of oxygen. As we ingest chlorophyll-rich foods, we can super-oxygenate our bodies and fight off the anaerobic bacteria. Chlorophyll is successfully used for deodorization. And has the power to destroy bad breath that emanates from the stomach. It has commonly sold in health food stores for that purpose. And has used with success for high blood pressure, anemia, and some stomach ailments.

Green foods, weight loss foods, green juice

A juicer is an easy way to get large amounts of chlorophyll from green foods into your body fast. Because some sources say it can be assimilated in twenty to thirty minutes. “Green juices cleanse the body of pollutants and have a rejuvenating result. Made from a variety of green vegetables, green foods, green juices are rich in chlorophyll, which helps to purify the blood, build red blood cells, detoxify and heal the body, and provide the body with fast energy.”

green food weight loss foodsThe best and my favorite sources of chlorophyll are common salad greens such as romaine lettuce, bok choy, parsley, and kale. There is a wide variety of gourmet green foods to choose from in most supermarkets, and especially Asian markets such as mizuna, tat soi, baby lettuces of many varieties and green spices such as basil. I also enjoy concentrated sources such as barley green powder and chlorella (available at health food stores). Whether you get it through juicing leafy greens or wheatgrass, eating green salads, mixing up green powders, or popping green pills, get your daily dose of chlorophyll for a healthy, clean smelling body!

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