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History of garlic

history of garlic

history of garlic

The homeland of garlic is Central Asia. What about the history of garlic? They have grown it in ancient Egypt, Greece, as well as in Rome and India. They were not afraid of strong smells there. Then, disinfection with garlic was saving from many gastric problems. There is one story on garlic account: in 1720, the garlic together with the vinegar saved thousands of Marseille residents from the widespread epidemic of the plague. The healing properties of garlic are described in about 1550 B.C. in the famous papyrus “Codex Ebers”. Roman medic Dioscorides which lived in the 1st century mentions it as a herbal remedy and points to the medical application – to relieve stomach cramps. Old Greeks and Slavs used it against the snake bite and called it “Snake Grass”. In China, garlic preparations were known in the 2600 year BC.

From the history of garlic: 900 recipe treatments of garlic were guarded in Avicenna.
The ancient Romans, like old Egyptians, used it as a spice for venison dishes and fish, made sauces and salads from it, and adding it into the vegetable soup.

Health benefits of garlic

Ancient Greek athletes took “doping” before training – they chewed raw garlic.
Modern medicine doctors have not confirmed that garlic can eradicate any illness, but they have confirmed the saying that “Garlic is the cure of seven diseases”, but it has also been declared as modest. Garlic cures far more than seven diseases. Among the latest discoveries is that garlic helps with arthritis. Garlic also has another attribute – it visibly reduces the human’s need for food.

Make it a constant ingredient of our dishes and we will soon notice that we are faster fed up. More than that. The feeling of hunger will decrease. After a lunch that is well flavored with garlic, the sense of satiety will be prolonged. In any case, you will not have the need for dinner. As a consequence, after some time you will begin to reject the excess pounds. That’s because garlic normalizes nutrition. Let’s back to the history of garlic. The Old Israelites also used garlic. It was constantly in their menu, with fish, melons, onions. Healthy food – fish rich in phosphorus, cucumbers, and melons that have a cleansing effect, amino acids found in radish, onion, garlic, allow for the growth of white blood cells and also lymphocytes that prevent all infections.

The recipe that Jacob left to humans:

Cook one glass of lenses for half an hour, then add the tomato juice as desired, laurel leaf, garlic (two fine chopped cloves), black pepper, minced red pepper, clove (1-2 grains) cover all, and cook for another half an hour. In the meal add carrots, potatoes, a little cornstarch, finely chopped onions (three middle head). When the vegetables are cooked and the lenses soften, pour out the water, and remove the vegetables and add 300g of fried mutton.

Bon appetite!

The old texts mention the garlic oil – they loved very much, and now the inhabitants of the Mediterranean are happy to use it. Because of this, they have very little cholesterol in the blood compared to other Europeans, who are using it rarely in their diet.
It is not difficult to make garlic butter at all.

Garlic butter

Take 100g of butter and mix it with 2-3 cloves of garlic in the blender or rub it together with garlic. If you like the taste, you can also add finely chopped celery leaf.

How to Make Garlic Cheese

You should take soft cheese (eg feta or tofu), mix it with finely chopped garlic, parsley leaf, and celery. The cheese can serve as an appetizer, as a spice, or as a separate breakfast dish.

How to Prepare Oil of garlic

garlic oil recipe

oil recipe

This is a very simple recipe. In ordinary oil (250ml) put 2-3 cloves of garlic. Garlic must be chopped or mashed because its healing properties are best shown when it is chopped or mashed.

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