How to lose weight on raw food diet

Garlic nutritional value

This completely natural method for reducing belly fat is amazing

Researchers from Pennsylvania have found that garlic is also an anti-cancer mean. Because this is evidenced in epidemiological research data. In countries where garlic is a traditional component of national cuisine, the degree of cancer is lower compared to countries where garlic does not enter into favorites.
The real cause of …
Excess belly fat…
Unwanted weight gain…
Premature aging…

The chemical composition of garlic

garlic nutritional value

Nutrient content per 100g :

Proteins: 6.5g
carbohydrates: 5.2g

The content of macro elements at 100g:

Iron: 1.5mg

Potassium: 260mg
Calcium: 60mg
Magnesium: 30mg
Sodium: 80mg
Phosphorus: 100mg
Chlorine: 30mg

Microelement content at 100g:

Iodine: 9μg
Cobalt: 9μg
Manganese: 810μg
Copper: 130μg
Zinc: 1025μg

More on Garlic nutritional value

You’ve probably recognized in this list some of the elements you are reading in the composition of vitamin preparations. Some even name them like that: ascorbic acid, eg or riboflavin, or vitamin A.
If you have a weak heart or have problems with the blood vessels, then your doctor will probably prescribe you the potassium preparations. In case of allergy and cold, recommendation is calcium, for low hemoglobin – iron. Because all these elements are in one clove of garlic. Before we pay special attention to what each element in the garlic cures, we will show you the results of the Japanese professor’s experiment.

There were experiments on more than 1,000 volunteers at the clinic. He checked the effect of garlic on the aging of the organism. It was found that life tonus in these patients were remain at a high level, and their activity was also high. There was no syndrome of depression, mood swings, poor medical condition. So, let’s take the first conclusion, garlic gives support to the body’s toning, revitalizes and improves working ability and concentration.

Reputation of garlic

Later, additional components have been discovered that have raised the reputation of garlic: it has been shown that garlic contains Germanium, an element that prevents the development of tumors in the body. In addition to Germanium, garlic contains selenium, magnesium, and various amino acids. All of these elements can create a large number of compounds.

The influence of garlic on a human organism and its health is enormous. Because garlic nutritional value is great. One of the first substances found in garlic is adenosine. Adenosine in the blood fights with thrombocytes, ie with their excess. A similar effect was earlier with using ginseng and onion (to a much lesser extent). In addition, what is very important, adenosine is intact in the garlic by thermal treatment. Garlic from our body drains poison, improves blood flow, stimulates heartbeat. But unlike expensive ginseng, he is always at hand. So, if you suffer from thrombophlebitis or you just do not want to be sick, remember first of all garlic. Also, it is not necessary to buy garlic based products in the drugstore – you can make garlic tea at home yourself.

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