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Garlic health benefits

garlic health benefitsSo what are the garlic health benefits? Can it help against viruses? We are using garlic through a whole life: we spice the food (soups, salads etc.) with it and of course, we eat it raw. We use the garlic to treat us from colds, coughs, we are putting it in the ear, cut into the slices and chewing it, we even sniffle it in the nose. Often we are not even aware that garlic is a very valuable food. Of course, garlic should not be eaten without measure and you can’t feed yourself only with it. It is still a spice, but its glory has been checked for centuries and it is hard to hear a bad word about it.

Let us recall the history of the old age … in Old Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Old Greece, and Rome – all were eat garlic. And the poets wrote about it and scientists wrote tractates. Nothing without garlic. Medicine, both official and traditional and folk, advise that garlic be use in almost all health problems.

Even the philosophy paid attention to the garlic. And wise men have long ago noticed that garlic encourages thought processes. It is the oldest and most tested tool against various physical troubles. Thousands if not the millions of people who lived before the era of tablets and modern medicine remained alive thanks to garlic. The garlic did not circumvent cosmetics either. It enhances metabolism, improves health, and all this in some way reflects on the outside appearance. Garlic helps with skin problems, improves hair growth, strengthens the teeth and gums, even helps to overcome the excessive weight that we are so annoyed about in the life.

Real health benefits of garlic

In our time – being healthy – became prestige.In a way – garlic is a pledge of success. Practically all the rare elements in which other plants are poor are in garlic. Garlic will help you to restore your lost interest for life. Garlic establishes and enhances the musical hearing, the sharpness of the artistic view.Garlic establishes and enhances the musical hearing, the sharpness of the artistic view. In other words, it provides us with the depth of emotion that is needed for the experience of artistic works, whether it is music, painting or poetry. More than that – garlic creates predispositions for restoring creative strength.

Garlic is to humans necessary as food, and besides that, it is a tasty and beneficial spice that normalizes bowel work and saves you from many health problems. It is indispensable for a man not to remain an biological “animal”, but to become a spiritual being.
Garlic provides the body with essential substances without which our body would not be able to think and feel efficiently – without it the brain and the nervous system could not produce the necessary impulses.

Why garlic?

Why not something else? Onion, carrot, cabbage? The answer is simple. It is about that garlic – is one of the few plants – that contains the man necessary – sulfur. In the other products either plant or/and animal origin, there is very little sulfur – or none at all. Lack of important element can lead to serious consequences for human health.

Animals, as is known, do not eat garlic. That means they do not need it. Man has been using it ever since ancient times. What distinguishes a man from an animal? Intellect. That is precisely what has been supported with the elements that give us garlic.

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