How to shed belly fat, citrus fruits helps

Holidays are over and now we have to deal with the consequencies.  We ate everything and gain some fat around our waist, now we have to deal with it. What is the best fruit and how to shed belly fat? Read on about it.

You’ve probably heard that eating fruit is a healthy option to burn fat. And while that’s definitely true, some fruits are better than others when it comes to losing flab from your waistline.

oranges and grapefruits against the belly fatSay oranges and grapefruits: These 2 citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which has been linked to reduced cortisol levels (the “belly fat hormone”). When cortisol levels go up, belly fat piles on. Keep cortisol at bay, however, and you’ll have a much easier time losing that flab around your mid-section.

Further, both oranges and grapefruit are higher-fiber foods, which slows digestion and keeps you feeling full longer.

And if that wasn’t enough, in a recent study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers discovered that overweight individuals who consumed fresh grapefruit 3 times a day prior to meals lost 5 TIMES more weight than the no-grapefruit group! Well, what are you waiting for? Start to eat citrus fruits and do something for your waistline.

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