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How many calories have your favorite fruit?

Foods that can “extinguish” appetite, and not contain a lot of calories are fruits and vegetables. How many calories have your favorite fruit?

Fruits and vegetables contain various essential substances, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as various other substances necessary for a healthy life. Fruit consumption is essential for our organism. Apart from having a large number of vitamins and minerals, it gives us energy and is involved in the detoxification of the body.

On the other hand, to lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories than we need in our body during the normal daily lifestyle. When it comes to calories concern, you should also look at your favorite fruit.

The best time to eat any fruit is in the morning, on an empty stomach up to the 16 o’clock. The fruit will then be easily digested and fill the body with the energy needed for the working day. The fruit is very healthy, but we have to learn when and in what quantities it is best to consume it, which is certainly not the evening. Fructose from the fruits will work best in your body in the morning or after heavy body activity, but not before bedtime.

If you are a fan of fruits and fruit salads, but careful about pounds or calorie intake, it’s good to know how some kinds of fruits and vegetables are standing on a calorie table. So how many calories have your favorite fruit?

how many calories in banana

Bananas – 76 kcal

Cherries – 76 kcal

Pomegranate – 70 kcal

Figs – 62 kcal

Blueberries – 49 kcal


how many calories in tangerinesApples – 44 kcal

Tangerines – 45 kcal

Kiwi – 56 kcal

Strawberries – 27 kcal

Grapefruit – 29 kcal


how many calories in strawberriesNectarine – 37 kcal

Oranges – 33 kcal

Watermelon – 25 kcal

Peaches – 33 kcal

Apricots – 42 kcal

Plums – 39 kcal

how many calories in ananasPears – 49 kcal

Ananas – 42 kcal

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