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can you eat green bananasLet’s talk about one of those “strange” foods that no one seems to be quite sure about – bananas. I am sure you like bananas? They are delicious and satisfying. In fact, you are probably eating a banana right now, or at least thinking about eating a banana. Am I right? So Can you eat green bananas?

Well, if you LOVE bananas as I do, but you are also worried about this amazing tropical fruit potentially causing spikes in blood sugar and fat gain, here is a helpful tip on choosing your bananas…


Can you eat green bananas

The greener the banana, the more “fat-burning” properties it has.

Have you ever heard of resistant starch? It is a “super carb” that is resistant to digestion much like insoluble fiber, and it also has prebiotic properties to help feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. In the end, resistant starch leads to fewer calories absorbed, and a healthier gut (from the inside out!).

Good news: green, unripe bananas are loaded with resistant starch. Green bananas also have more fiber and less sugar than a fully ripe, yellow banana, and a lower glycemic index. Makes sense, OK?
When you have less sugar, more fiber, and more resistant starch, you’re bound to have a lower blood sugar response.

So, is that mean that if you want to enjoy a banana you have to eat a completely green, rather UN-enjoyable hard, unripe banana? Certainly not. That just means that if you choose a greener, less ripe banana compared to a fully ripe yellow one, you’ll enjoy a lower glycemic, higher fiber, and higher resistance starch snack. When everything is considered, that will probably lend itself nicely to your waist-slimming goals while being a relatively painless swap.


Benefits: One good thing about green bananas is the high resistant starch content. For anyone attempting to avoid food with high sugar content, green bananas are great choice whereas yellow bananas don’t seem to be. Therefore, those suffering from type two diabetes can eat the unripe fruit while perhaps ripened bananas don’t seem to be as compatible.

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