How to lose weight on raw food diet

garlic health benefits

Garlic nutritional value

This completely natural method for reducing belly fat is amazing

Researchers from Pennsylvania have found that garlic is also an anti-cancer mean. Because this is evidenced in epidemiological research data. In countries where garlic is a traditional component of national cuisine, the degree of cancer is lower compared to countries where garlic does not enter into favorites.
The real cause of …
Excess belly fat…
Unwanted weight gain…
Premature aging…

The chemical composition of garlic

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History of garlic

history of garlic

history of garlic

The homeland of garlic is Central Asia. What about the history of garlic? They have grown it in ancient Egypt, Greece, as well as in Rome and India. They were not afraid of strong smells there. Then, disinfection with garlic was saving from many gastric problems. There is one story on garlic account: in 1720, the garlic together with the vinegar saved thousands of Marseille residents from the widespread epidemic of the plague. The healing properties of garlic are described in about 1550 B.C. in the famous papyrus “Codex Ebers”. Roman medic Dioscorides which lived in the 1st century mentions it as a herbal remedy and points to the medical application – to relieve stomach cramps. Old Greeks and Slavs used it against the snake bite and called it “Snake Grass”. In China, garlic preparations were known in the 2600 year BC.

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Garlic health benefits

garlic health benefitsSo what are the garlic health benefits? Can it help against viruses? We are using garlic through a whole life: we spice the food (soups, salads etc.) with it and of course, we eat it raw. We use the garlic to treat us from colds, coughs, we are putting it in the ear, cut into the slices and chewing it, we even sniffle it in the nose. Often we are not even aware that garlic is a very valuable food. Of course, garlic should not be eaten without measure and you can’t feed yourself only with it. It is still a spice, but its glory has been checked for centuries and it is hard to hear a bad word about it. Continue reading