Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Nedeljko and I have a lots of interest and hobbies Some of them are like playing guitar, body building, web design and poetry. But I am in love with raw food. This is my favorite. I am experimenting with raw food and smoothies since 2006. At first I started as 100% rawfoodist and I’ve experienced a lot of troubles like a lot of pain in all areas of my body, especially joints, I did also have some problems with my gums and my teeths. And I’ve lost 50pounds in 5 months. Then I’ve decided to learn about raw food as much as I could and I’ve seen that it is not OK to go on raw immediately, you should go step by step and even than you will see that it is not so easy, but you will see that here on my website, because I will write about that and about possibilities to lose weight and get a perfect health with green smoothies and raw food. Hope you will join me and do some great things for your health and your look.

See you soon