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Oregano oil use

oregano oil useThe information that follows is printed for educational purposes and is not intended for any diagnostic, treatment or prescription of any kind. All of the below-mentioned methods of wild oregano oil use have been given on the basis of the experience and practice of long-term users and on the basis of scientific research on this herbal preparation.

Ingredients of wild oregano oil
It contains 86% of the natural active ingredient of Carvacrol. 100% pure and not mixed with other oils.

100% organic oregano oil can also be bought online: HERE

Warning before oregano oil use!

Use 3 times 1 to 4 drops per day (maximum 12 drops per day, never in one dose).
Always mix 1 to 4 drops of oregano oil with a spoon of olive oil or some other edible oil.
Do not use for more than 15 to 20 days. Then make a break of 10 or more days.
Never use on genitals and anus.
Children up to 3 years of age, pregnant women and breastfeeding should not use this oil.
Avoid direct inhalation of undiluted oil.
Always avoid oil contact with the eyes.
Avoid contact with undiluted oil with the skin.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep it in a dry, cold and dark place

Precautions If:

You accidentally swallow more than your recommended daily dose, take a lot of cold water and make a visit to a doctor.
Oil comes into contact with your eyes, rinse your eyes with cold water and seek medical help.
You have inhaled undiluted oil, get out on the fresh air.
The undiluted oil comes in contact with the skin rinse with soap and water. If necessary, visit a doctor.
You experience any problems during the use, you should definitely stop using it and visit a doctor.
Note: Wild oregano oil has very unpleasant taste and therefore it is recommended to take it in capsules.


Health hazard: not identified
Physical hazards: not classified as hazardous
Environmental Danger: Not Identified

Recommended wild oregano oil use

To strengthen immunity, as a prevention of flu and colds
Mix one drop of oil with a spoonful of sugar and swallow immediately with a glass of cold water. Beginners usually feel embarrassed for the first two minutes due to the extraordinary strength of the oil and it is possible to induce hiccups or burp. Such symptoms pass quickly and after 7 to 8 minutes a feeling of better circulation is felt.

You can mix one oil drop with orange juice or milk, and never mix it with lemon juice. Adults should use it 3 times a day after a meal, and when you get used to the taste of wild oregano oil, you can increase your dose to 2-3 drops three times a day.

The maximum dose is 12 drops a day, never in one dose. Continue to use oregano oil for 15 to 20 days, then make a 7 to 10-day break.

You can repeat the procedure if you need it.

Eliminating Candide, E. coli and other harmful microorganisms and parasites in the body

In a spoon of olive, sunflower or coconut oil, add 1 drop of wild oregano oil for the first two to three days, then increase the dose up to a maximum of 12 drops a day, never in one dose. Take regular 21 days, then make a 10-day break.

If necessary repeat the procedure, and after the oregano therapy increase the iron intake (nettle, parsley, forest honey …).

Keep the doctor’s instructions and regularly use prescribed therapy.

On infection of the vagina 2 drops of wild oregano oil, mix well with a spoon of olive or coconut oil and apply it to the vagina inside. After this procedure, there will be a feeling of heat inside.

In sinusitis, bronchitis and excess mucus appear in the respiratory system. In 0.5 liters of hot water, dip 2 to 4 drops of wild oregano oil, then inhale the steam for up to 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times a day.

Never pour the oregano oil directly into the nasal openings and make sure that the aerated water does not come into contact with the eyes. In addition to inhalation, take the oil internally, up to 12 drops a day, with a spoon of olive oil or other ways.

Dosage in children, oregano oil use:

Wild oregano oil can be used by children aged 3 and over. It is very effective as prevention of infections and illness in children who go to kindergarten and school.

Mix one drop of oil with a spoon of olive or coconut oil and NECESSARILY stir well until the oils do not combine completely. This will maximally avoid the unpleasant feeling that is otherwise present.

Before consuming it, explain to the child that the oil is to be swallowed immediately, that is, do not hold it and shake it in the mouth. After that, give your child a glass of cold water, fresh juice or milk (the liquid must not be hot).

Repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times a day after a meal.

Acne, pimples and inflammatory processes on the skin

Add a few drops of wild oregano oil to a liquid soap or face tonic. Wash your face or problematic skin and make sure that the prepared liquid does not come into contact with your eyes.Then add the oregano oil to another edible oil, in proportion to 4: 1 in favor of another oil.After cleansing with soap or toner, apply sparsely oregano oil directly to the acne, pimples or a piece of skin under inflammation. Do not rub the dissolved oil, but apply it with a mild motion.

You can repeat this procedure 1 to 2 times a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.

Also, it is recommended to take 2 to 4 drops of wild oregano oil on a spoonful of sugar, another edible oil, juice or cold water, 2 times a day after a meal.

With such use of oil, the improvement should be visible after a week. If itching or irritation occurs during application, stop the application and take the oregano oil only internally.

Animal Bites, oregano oil use

Wild oregano oil is an amazing antiseptic. It is salvation for bites of dogs or other animals. No other antiseptic has such power in such infections as wild oregano oil.

It reduces inflammation and reduces pain immediately after application, neutralizing the toxicity of the injected toxin or secretion.

Be sure to seek medical attention because these are very dangerous bites, because of the high content of microorganisms in the mouth of animals. Wash the wound well with the appropriate remedy, and after rinsing the wound, soak the wound drenched oil of wild oregano (4:1 in favor of another oil, such as olive oil).

Repeat the procedure several times a day. The accompanying action of the oil is also to stop the bleeding.

Wild oregano oil is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and achieves these effects both in external and internal use.

The study conducted at Phytotherapie Research shows that oregano oil has properties like morphine and relieves pain.

Gently rub the diluted oregano oil (4:1 in favor of the other oil) on the affected joints in the morning and before bed each day until the condition improves.

You can also take in oil internally, but no more than 12 drops a day, 3 times 4 drops a day after a meal. Also, you should not use wild oregano oil for more than 20 days, then you must make a 10-day break.

Athletic foot, oregano oil use

After washing your feet, apply a few drops of diluted oil to each affected area of your foot and nail on each of this fungus.
Repeat the procedure in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.

You can wash your feet with liquid soap in which you have mixed a few drops of wild oregano oil, and repeat the procedure until your feet and nails are completely cured.

Keep in mind that these fungal infections are extremely persistent and that the treatment process sometimes lasts for more than a month. Always use this oil after visiting the public swimming pools, after using the school shower, after training in sports clubs and visiting hotels.

Bad breath, oregano oil use

The cause of bad breath can primarily be a mouthfeel infection. However, it can also develop as a result of bad balance in internal organs and bad breath can be transmitted directly from the stomach.

The fact is that people with constipation problems have a bad breath. This is specific to those people who empty the bowels irregularly.

Wild oregano oil destroys a wide range of oral pathogens, as confirmed by the Weber State University study.

Soak the toothbrush with diluted oregano oil and rub the teeth and gums in this way. Bad breath should disappear momentarily. Also, regular use will prevent plaque formation.

If the cause of bad breath is different, the oil should be taken internally at prescribed doses.

Bromhidrosis (excessive sweating and unpleasant odors)
Apply the diluted oregano oil (3: 1, in favor of the other oil) to excessive sweating places (under the armpits, on the groins, and on the feet).

Avoid applying after waxing or shaving. Wild oregano oil is a natural deodorant, helps reduce sweating and simultaneously destroys germs and fungi that are the main cause of unpleasant smells.

Note: These product instructions are only illustrative. If you are using a medicine, take the advice of your doctor or pharmacist and read the package leaflet.

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Wild oregano and wild oregano oil

wild oreganoThose who think that oregano is good only as a spice on pizza are in a great fallacy. The use of wild oregano from the kitchen spread to medicinal purposes thanks to a wide range of biological activities. This plant with an intense and sharp scent whose salubrity comes from essential oil and aromatic components is now increasingly popular as a dietary supplement.

Biological activity studies of oregano point to a wide range of antibacterial, fungicidal, anti-viral and antioxidant properties.


Benefits of using wild oregano

Oregano is in use as a herbal remedy in folk medicine for a long time in history. As a natural antibiotic. A remedy for expectoration and spreading of the bronchi, against cramps, in sinusitis (especially chronic), a sore throat, non-specific ear inflammation, colds, viruses, flu, prolonged nose problems and urinary bladder inflammation.

Since biological medicine in the world is increasingly explored and becoming more and more popular among scientists, numerous studies of how oregano acts on bacteria and other microorganisms have been made. There are over 50 species of oregano. And, the most favorite is the wild oregano that cannot be cultivating and breed. Also, of these 50 oregano species, 30 are growing in Turkey, of which 15 are endemic (only in Turkey). Of all types of oregano, the three species have the most healing properties: Origanum vulgare, Origanum onites, and Origanum minutiflorum.

Origanum vulgare and Origanum onites contain 30-60% carvacrol, while Origanum minutiflorum contains 80-90% of this active ingredient. Due to the high content of carvacrol, the Origanum minutiflorum is the most common in use for making the healing oil.

Sugar problems


Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of the organism. And we often consume it that we are not aware of it either. The most dangerous are the hidden sugars found in the food we eat daily. Food such as processed cereals, carbonated drinks, sauces, fruit yogurts and the like.

Adults should consume up to six teaspoons of sugar per day (25 grams) if they want to avoid many health problems. And so much sugar is found in a glass of 250 milliliters of boiled juice.

The best would be if refined sugar would not be used at all. And here’s what would happen to your body then. Continue reading

Look younger, this food will help you

look youngerWhat you eat does not only affect the health of your body but also your appearance. There are foods that will make you look younger because they have a great impact on the appearance of your skin. Find out about that in continuation.

Celery stalks – Prevent skin drying because they are full of potassium that regulates the bad effect of salt on our body and helps maintain water and hydrates the skin.

Walnuts – Full of omega-3 fatty acids that help the skin remain soft and supple.

Continue reading

Natural antibiotic, boost your immune system

natural antibioticDuring the winter period, when we move less and eat more our immunity weakens and becomes less resistant to external factors. Therefore, the vigorous body of a healthy organism needs to solidify and prepare for the season of colds and flu, where the natural allies of health are best assistants. If we take five well-known heroes from the pantry, on which you will not spend more than $ 2, the result is a natural antibiotic that protects our immunity like a real armor.



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Stimulate metabolism with lemon and flax seeds

One more flax seeds recipe:

flax seeds lemon recipeType of meal
Preparation time 3 min
Very easy to prepare

Lemon juice and flaxseeds are recommended for all people who have problems with the digestive system, want to boost liver function and improve skin appearance. Continue reading

Sunflower seeds

sunflower seedsWhen talking about sunflower (sunflower seeds), many have an association of sunflower oil that is recommended to be replaced by olive oil because of a number of better qualities. Namely, what is placed on a bad side of sunflower oil are omega-6 fatty acids.

Specifically, these fatty acids are only healthy if they are in the correct ratio of omega 3 fatty acids. Nutritionists say the perfect ratio is 2: 1 for omega-6. However, the average diet contains up to 20 times more omega-6 fatty acids, which is the basis for the emergence of a number of diseases, such as mental illness, inflammatory processes, increased risk of bleeding, etc. Continue reading

Ginger beauty benefits

ginger beauty benefitsGinger beauty benefits and about ginger. It comes from Asia, gives energy to the whole body, relieves digestive disturbances and enhances heart function. It is an ideal remedy against colds and flu and in winter it is recommended for daily consumption. Also, ginger is the spice that will make your hair and skin look nice.

Ginger is a natural antioxidant and helps fight all bacteria and inflammation, which also prevents collagen loss.

Ginger beauty and health benefits: Continue reading

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